Sunday, February 3rd

Want to win 4 tickets to the Coors Light Tailgate Party?Of Coors you do!

 Three winners picked every day, simply head to to enter to win. What better way to watch The Big Game than tailgating? A full day of games, prizes, promotions, giveaways, topped with a mechanical bull and the biggest football game of the year. 

And the Winners are!

Congrats to these winners selected via random draw. Please bring your ID and your name will be on the security-list, granting entry for you and 3 friends!


Day 1 Winners

Courtney Bryant
Courtney Emily Teletchea
Kailey Rebecca


Day 2 Winners

Marilyn Hayes
Ryan Johnston
Keith Gordon


Day 3 Winners

Ern Linthorne
Stephen Hawkins
Kelly D Hewitt


Day 4 Winners

Jun Parcon
Kaitlyn Dunphy
Nicole Cummings


Day 5 Winners

Greg Oliver
Donna Crocker
Juanita Gibbons


Day 6 Winners

Stephen Thornhill
Dean Miller
Donny Stanford


Day 7 Winners

Rebecca Roche
Deborah Wells
Stephanie Wareham


Day 8 Winners

Kenny Power 
Will Kenny 
Rodney Coombs


Day 9 Winners

Leona Miller
Phillip Corbett
Amy Gibbons


Day 10 Winners

Shawn Malcolm
Marguerite White
Gord Mallard


Day 11 Winners

 Trina Welcher Martin
Stephanie Coleman
Colin Barrington



Day 12 Winners

 Courtney Emily Teletchea
Colin Reid
Jonathan Merner


Day 13 Winners

 Paul Owens
Blake Gillingham
Brenda Howard Robinson


Day 14 Winners

 Amber LeRoy
Samantha Squires
Kelly Fowler


Day 15 Winners